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Teen Space

Every Monday &


6:00 PM

Please create a ZOOM account and join Tasha and Friends each week.  Email Tasha at for meeting links.  

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Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief Scavenger Hunt

Whether you are just reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief or picking it up again, this companion scavenger hunt will be a fun adventure as you read! You'll have 13 sentences to look out for while you read. When you find one, choose the missing word to unlock the bonus material!

hogwarts-castle-silhouette-25 2.jpg

A Hogwarts Virtual Experience

Here you will make the journey from your first acceptance letter to the sorting ceremony while making decisions and solving riddles along the way.



Pokémon Virtual Experience

Just imagine...You just moved from the city to escape to a quiet, country town. However, you’ve reached Pallet Town at the wrong time for quiet. As soon as you arrive, you hear the townspeople talking nervously about the crime of the century -- Team Rocket has stolen the mythical Pokemon Mewtwo from a guy named Professor Oak.  Have fun as you explore and find adventure in this Pokemon Virtual Experience!

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